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The Champions of Lions Gate

Twice a year, competitions are held within the Barony to chose our Champions. Heavy Combat, Rapier Combat and Archery Championships are held in the summer, while the Arts & Science and the Bardic Championships are held in the Spring. The Champions each wear a Champions' belt, and receive further regalia depending on their field. They swear an oath of fealty to the Baron and Baroness, and hold a place in court. At the end of their term in of service, Champions are entered into The Order of the Lion's Fang

Current Champions

Heavy Combat Champion
Sir Magnus Ulfgarsson
Archery Champion
Lord Davin of Lions Gate
Arts & Sciences Champion
Lady Elizabeth Villicus
Bardic Champion
Viscountess Wulfwyn of Meduseld
Rapier Combat Champion
Maestra Alessandra Luciana Giancomo
Thrown Weapons Champion
Lord Duncan of Aberfoyle
Games Champion
His Lordship Laric Godwin
Cut & Thrust Champion
Master Guidobaldo d'Aquila
Youth Combat Champion
Xander Havorcson

The Baroness's Inspirations

The Baroness regularly recognizes members of the populace that inspire her through their deeds and words. A token of her choosing is worn by those she recognizes for a period of six months until it is time for another to be chosen. Traditional disciplines recognized are Heavy Combat, Archery, Rapier, Service, Arts and Sciences, and - more recently - Equestrian activities. However, the Baroness may chose not to recognize any of this list, or may add new Inspirations as she wishes. Previous Inspirations can be found on the Awards page.

Current Inspirations

Thorey Thorkelsdottir
Arts and Sciences
Elspeth Farre
Heavy Combat
Lord Beorn Bjulfrsson
Cassandra Wineday
Lord Davin of Lions Gate
Brother Emrys
Thrown Weapons
Lady Jonette Hangeraas