In-person activities suspended through January

Good morning Barony!

I hope this finds you healthy, happy, and generally well.

As I seem to repeat monthly, I know this is *still* a challenging time for many. With so much happening in our cities, our province, around the world and within our hobby, if you are feeling particularly overwhelmed, I encourage you to reach out to colleagues, friends and family to receive the support you need.

For our part, the Barony is continuing as best we can in isolation, apart but not alone. I have some good news to share, and some unfortunate news, and without the ability to ask “which would you rather first,” I’m going to take the initiative and go from sad to better:

Firstly, as many of you have seen there was a Board of Directors Resolution at the end of July suspending all in-person activities in the entirety of the SCA until January 31, 2021 ( This is a disappointing decision for so many, but one I firmly believe is necessary. We have a mundane obligation to our compatriots to make sure our leisure hobby does not endanger the life or safety of anyone.

To that end, the Barony will be officially cancelling our outstanding contracts for 2020, and will be dedicating our efforts to promoting activities online. I strongly encourage any interested parties to reach out to me ( to discuss proposals for digital Lions Gate activities.

And now, some Good News!

It’s been a week, and neither gentle has run for the hills, so I’d like to welcome onboard to new officers to the Lions Gate council:

Our first new officer is Lord Koga, (Billy Wong), who will be taking on the duties as Thrown Weapons officer. Koga has been an active part of the community for some time now, and comes highly recommended by the outgoing officer.

Our second new officer is Lord Gunnar (Simon Thomsen) who will be stepping up as Archery officer. Gunnar is a consistent fixture on the range, and brings experience and dedication to the role, as well as a strong recommendation from the outgoing officer.

I’d like to thank Lord Duncan (David Graham) and Baron James (James Wolfden) for their tireless efforts in managing these popular martial activities in the Barony, collaborating together to steward our equipment and supplies, and assisting with the transitions during these unusual times.

And as a final update, there has been some online activity at the Kingdom level. Firstly, Their Majesties held an ethereal court on the 16th of August ( The Kingdom of An Tir also recently created a new *official* discussion Group on Facebook. This allows members of the populace to engage more fully than they could on the Page, while existing within the official framework of social media policies. I encourage everyone to follow along for news and updates:

Until we can meet again, and then some time beyond that I hope,