Baroness’ Inspirational Tournament

Baron Cyneric and Baroness Arianna invite you to join them to participate in tournaments, games and contests, to meet new friends and old, and to witness the Baroness recognize those that inspire her.
Once again as harvest ends, we return to the lights of Shannon Hall in the lands of Lions Gate, where we will hold a our annual tournaments: the Unbelted Heavy Tourney (prize tourney, so please bring a prize for the table), Rapier Tourney, Gerhard’s Riposte and the Barony’s Cut and Thrust Champions Tourney.
There will be Arts and Sciences activities, and University of Tir Righ classes.
Merchants are encouraged, welcomed and appreciated.

Event Date: November 20, 2021
Site opens: 9:00 AM
Site closes: 10:00 PM
Site: Cloverdale Fairgrounds – Alice McKay Building and Shannon Hall
6050A – 176th Street Surrey, BC V2X 5W4