Greetings, Ladies and Lords, and welcome to the web site for the Barony of Lions Gate, a branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism, an international organization dedicated to researching and recreating the arts and skills of Medieval Europe.

Our group is a Barony within The Principality of Tir Righ, within The Kingdom of An Tir.

In the modern world, we are the local SCA branch for the Metro Vancouver / Lower Mainland and Sea-to-Sky areas of British Columbia, Canada. For a comprehensive list of our modern municipalities see our Locations page.

For more information about being involved with our group, visit our Newcomers' page, or contact our Chatelaine - the person responsible for helping newcomers become involved.

Current News

Vacant Officer Position

  • Seneschal

The Seneschal is the legal representative of the Barony. They handle the administrative matters of the Barony, as well as the interface between the Barony and the modern public. The Seneschal works closely with the Baron and Baroness, advising them on Baronial policy and Kingdom Law to guide those decisions made by the Coronets, and keeps them apprised of important issues that arise or topics being discussed at Kingdom or within the Barony. The Seneschal is also a member of the Barony's Financial Committee, which includes the Coronets and Exchequer.

If you would like to apply for this position, please send a letter of intent, along with your SCA resume and a brief write-up about what you do in the modern world, to the Acting Seneschal, as well as the Baron and Baroness. Applications will be accepted until the close of this month's Council meeting on the 27th of April. From there, we will publish the names of any applicants, and ask the people of the Barony to give their feedback on the potential officer. We will hopefully announce the new Seneschal prior to the May Council meeting, to have the officer take over the position at that time.

If you have any questions regarding this position, please contact Baron Uilliam or the Acting Seneschale.

Vacant Deputy Officer Positions

Fulfilling the role of Deputy to an Officer is a great way to learn about the workings of any Office. We highly encourage anyone who is interested in learning more about a particular office to apply to the following Deputy positions. If you are interested or have any questions about the position, please contact the Acting Seneschale.

  • Deputy to the Sable Loat Pursuivant
  • Deputy to the Chatelain
  • Gold Key Deputy
  • Deputy to the Baronial Scribe
  • Deputy to the Webminister

Coming Events

13 May / AS 51 - Lions Gate Champions Tournament - Event Steward: Baron James Wolfden

Uilliam & Caitrina

The Baron & Baroness
of Lions Gate