Newcomer’s Nights

Our Chatelaine, Briana is hosting laid-back social gatherings for those new to our activities or returning or just friendly and wanting a social get-together! There is no fee for these gatherings, and you don’t need a name, a costume or a persona to attend! Please contact the Chatelaine at for the address, or find it on the Barony of Lions Gate Facebook Forum. (NB. for those with allergies: this is a private residence with both dogs and cats present)

Other Socials & Meetups

Arts & Sciences Nights

Second Wednesday of the Month, 7:30pm to 9:30pm

On the second Wednesday of each month, there is a social get-together to work on projects. Sometimes there will be a class offered. Class details will be posted to Baronial Facebook discussion group. Contact the A&S Minister at for the zoom link.

Beginner’s Workshops

From time to time we run workshops and classes outside of events specifically to help newcomers prepare for their first event (or for anyone else who is still a beginner in that subject), and these will be listed here. Many events also have beginner-friendly classes; if you see TUTR (The University of Tir Righ) in an event description, look for or ask about “Novus” classes. Please email with questions, expressions of interest, suggestions for classes, or for the location of any of the stand-alone workshops.

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