In the days when An Tir was a Principality of the Kingdom of the West, the Crown granted the landed Baronesses the right to recognize Sergeants; those armoured fighters who meet the requirements of the rank and are willing to serve and swear fealty to their Baroness. In the years since, this rank has expanded to include Yeomen who specialize in missile combat, Gallants who show prowess in rapier combat, Lancers who show prowess in Equestrian combat, and most recently, Foresters who show prowess in non-combat missile weapon skills.

Candidates must petition the Baroness for permission to participate in the trials, then prepare to participate in a weekend of performance, written and oral testing. Candidates are tested in the arts, sciences, warfare, courtly manners, dancing, heraldry, games, and their “core skill” in either their martial activity. Candidates are encouraged to seek out members of the Sergeantry for assistance in preparing for the testing.

Successful candidates swear direct fealty to the Baroness of Lions Gate, and act as her protectors and military advisors.

Current Members of the Baroness’ Sergeantry

  • Yeoman Megan Althea of Glengarriff
  • Sergeant Miles fitz Hubert
  • Sergeant Cyneric Bearson
  • Sergeant Hraði inn Rakki
  • Yeoman Bryn Mor Raven
  • Yeoman Rahil Al’Zarqa Humaa
  • Sergeant Jayson Werner
  • Sergeant Harleigh Dhai
  • Sergeant Leuric Godwin
  • Sergeant Galath ab Edwinh
  • Sergeant Jayson the Second of House Werner
  • Sergeant William the Younger of House Werner
  • Sergeant Brynja Kortsdottir
  • Sergeant Agravaine Devereau
  • Sergeant Tirian the Blue
  • Gallant Malie Rennick
  • Lancer Cassandra Wineday of Newingate
  • Lancer Briana nic h’Eusaidh
  • Lancer James Irvein