The Courtiers of Lions Gate were created by Baroness Aurora in AS 39 (2004), to be a member of the Sergeantry, but someone who excelled in the Arts & Sciences. The first successful applicant, Courtier Rosalinde McAllistair, was sworn in at the Trials that year.

In the year AS 49 (2014), the Baron & Baroness of Lions Gate separated the Courtiers into their own order, separate from the Sergeantry, to enable the Courtiers to grow and change as a unit different than those of the martial ranks.

Candidates must petition the Baron for permission to participate in the trials, then prepare to participate in a weekend of performance, written and oral testing. Candidates are tested in the arts, sciences, service, courtly manners, dancing, heraldry, games, and their “core skill” in either their chosen A&S or Service activity. Candidates are encouraged to seek out members of the Order for assistance in preparing for the testing.

Successful candidates swear direct fealty to the Baron of Lions Gate, and act as his advisors and ambassadors.

Current Members of the Baron’s Courtiers

  • Courtier Cáemgen mac Garbith ui Andrais
  • Courtier Briana Cassia
  • Courtier Ciana De’Libri
  • Courtier Elspeth Farre
  • Courtier Malyss Makneile
  • Courtier Eleanor Odlowe
  • Courtier Sadhbh Bheag inghean Torirrdhealbhaigh
  • Courtier Alumna Ceara inghean uí Mhadadháin
  • Courtier Alumni Wulfstan Hrafnsson
  • Courtier Emeritus Rosalinde McAllistair