• Baroness’ Inspirational Tournament

    Baron Cyneric and Baroness Arianna invite you to join them to participate in tournaments, games and contests, to meet new friends and old, and to witness the Baroness recognize those that inspire her.
    Once again as harvest ends, we return to the lights of Shannon Hall in the lands of Lions Gate, where we will hold a our annual tournaments: the Unbelted Heavy Tourney (prize tourney, so please bring a prize for the table), Rapier Tourney, Gerhard’s Riposte and the Barony’s Cut and Thrust Champions Tourney.
    There will be Arts and Sciences activities, and University of Tir Righ classes.
    Merchants are encouraged, welcomed and appreciated.

    Event Date: November 20, 2021
    Site opens: 9:00 AM
    Site closes: 10:00 PM
    Site: Cloverdale Fairgrounds – Alice McKay Building and Shannon Hall
    6050A – 176th Street Surrey, BC V2X 5W4


  • Lions Den Cancelled

    Greetings my friends,

    For the first time since beginning the Lions Den last November, we will not be hosting an episode this Sunday. Our panel moderator is heading into surgery to reattach a bicep after a fighting incident this week so we’re taking this a sign that we gear down this week.

    Join us on August 1st for Dreamweaving: Story telling in the SCA by Her Ladyship Maire nic Shiobhan.

    Thank you,
    Out-of-town Seneschal

  • Good evening my friends,

    I hope this finds you well, healthy and happy. As we come out of the winter darkness into a new year, the Barony is going to be taking some steps to make sure we can be more connected now even while we must remain apart.

    First, we will be continuing the incredible guest speaker series The Lions Den, with dates on the An Tir Kingdom calendar well into May (https://antir.org/events/). I invite you to join us tomorrow evening for our eleventh episode: The Skraeling Saga: Pre Columbian Indigenous Persona and how to make them, with Moon Hides the Sun.

    Second, to enable easier access to monthly Council we will be holding the January meeting on the 20th via Zoom. More details on this to follow, but one of the discussion points on the agenda will be the Baronial purchase of a zoom account, so come and discuss the opportunities for using one!

    Third, I would like to include a Social Media Deputy to that same council to help coordinate the online activities of the Barony beyond the website (which can be found at: https://lionsgate.tirrigh.org/). The Social Media Officer works with the Seneschal and the Coronets, dedicated to distributing announcements, creating content and moderating the social media channels that the Barony uses. I have included the job description below. Interested parties are asked to contact the seneschal and Their Excellencies (at lionsgate.seneschal@tirrigh.org and lionsgate.baron@tirrigh.org / lionsgate.baroness@tirrigh.org respectively) to apply.

    In the meanwhile, feel free to reach out to Their Excellencies or myself about other matters (we are looking at a Baronial Court in the near future, and could use some award recommendations! (https://lionsgate.tirrigh.org/recomendations/). I look forward to seeing you in The Lions Den tomorrow, and at Council on Wednesday.

    Athbhliain faoi mhaise daoibh,



    The Job Duties of the Social Media Deputy (as adapted from Society):

    • Develop, create and distribute Social Media content across the Lions Gate Social media Channels.
    • Coordinate communication and support current Social Media channels with the Seneschalate and Web team.
    • Update the Barony on the latest Social media platforms and trends.
    • Moderate and coordinate SCA policies across official platforms Regularly collaborate with Officers for Events and Social Media Announcements.
    • Create and gather exciting content from across the Barony to distribute on social media channels

    Additional resources can be found at: http://socsen.sca.org/social-media/social-media-resources/ All applications can be sent via email to:

  • In-Person Events Suspended Through May

    On December 4, the SCA Board of Directors extended the suspension of all in-person events through May 31, 2021.

    Here is the updated resolution: https://www.sca.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/2020-12-04-Resolution-Continuation-Letter.pdf

    The original resolution can be found here: https://www.sca.org/news/resolution-to-suspend-in-person-sca-activity-until-january-31st-2021/

  • In-person activities suspended through January

    Good morning Barony!

    I hope this finds you healthy, happy, and generally well.

    As I seem to repeat monthly, I know this is *still* a challenging time for many. With so much happening in our cities, our province, around the world and within our hobby, if you are feeling particularly overwhelmed, I encourage you to reach out to colleagues, friends and family to receive the support you need.

    For our part, the Barony is continuing as best we can in isolation, apart but not alone. I have some good news to share, and some unfortunate news, and without the ability to ask “which would you rather first,” I’m going to take the initiative and go from sad to better:

    Firstly, as many of you have seen there was a Board of Directors Resolution at the end of July suspending all in-person activities in the entirety of the SCA until January 31, 2021 (https://www.antir.org/announcements/society-announcements/resolution-to-suspend-in-person-sca-activity-until-january-31st-2021/). This is a disappointing decision for so many, but one I firmly believe is necessary. We have a mundane obligation to our compatriots to make sure our leisure hobby does not endanger the life or safety of anyone.

    To that end, the Barony will be officially cancelling our outstanding contracts for 2020, and will be dedicating our efforts to promoting activities online. I strongly encourage any interested parties to reach out to me (lionsgate.seneschal@tirrigh.org) to discuss proposals for digital Lions Gate activities.

    And now, some Good News!

    It’s been a week, and neither gentle has run for the hills, so I’d like to welcome onboard to new officers to the Lions Gate council:

    Our first new officer is Lord Koga, (Billy Wong), who will be taking on the duties as Thrown Weapons officer. Koga has been an active part of the community for some time now, and comes highly recommended by the outgoing officer.

    Our second new officer is Lord Gunnar (Simon Thomsen) who will be stepping up as Archery officer. Gunnar is a consistent fixture on the range, and brings experience and dedication to the role, as well as a strong recommendation from the outgoing officer.

    I’d like to thank Lord Duncan (David Graham) and Baron James (James Wolfden) for their tireless efforts in managing these popular martial activities in the Barony, collaborating together to steward our equipment and supplies, and assisting with the transitions during these unusual times.

    And as a final update, there has been some online activity at the Kingdom level. Firstly, Their Majesties held an ethereal court on the 16th of August (https://youtu.be/-HrIAeSlAf4). The Kingdom of An Tir also recently created a new *official* discussion Group on Facebook. This allows members of the populace to engage more fully than they could on the Page, while existing within the official framework of social media policies. I encourage everyone to follow along for news and updates: https://www.facebook.com/KingdomofAnTirSCA

    Until we can meet again, and then some time beyond that I hope,


  • New Return-It Express account

    Greetings from your Exchequer!

    We have had a splendid suggestion to create a Return-It Express account for the Barony of Lions Gate for those wishing to donate their bottle returns to the Barony.

    Visit https://express.return-it.ca/Account/Login?ReturnUrl=%2f for details.

    Code for printing labels is 6046081976 (604 + the birthdate of the barony).

    At August council, we will discuss what we would like to do with these funds.

    Happy returning!

  • Event & Meeting Cancellations

    Greetings Barony,

    Kingdom and Crown have decided in the interests of public health that all Events, Practices and Meetings in March will be cancelled.

    For Lions Gate this includes Canterbury Fayre, all practices and meet-ups, and Council. Please review the announcement below, and contact myself or the Baronets (at lionsgate.seneschal@tirrigh.org and lionsgate.baron@tirrigh.org / lionsgate.baroness@tirrigh.org respectively) if you have any questions.
    Please remember this decision has been made with the interests of our most vulnerable populace in mind, and we will do our best to accommodate this shift.


  • Officer Vacancies

    Greetings friends,

    The following Officer posts are currently Vacant. These are crucial positions the Barony needs to better engage with the populace. Being an officer is a great way to give back to the branch and help the things you love to do happen.

    All branch officers are required to hold a membership during their term of office. They are expected to report quarterly to their principality superior and monthly to the branch council. All offices have access to an email account to make all this reporting easier.

    Currently we have need of people to fill the following offices:

    • TUTR (The University of Tir Righ)
    • Webminister
    • Youth Armoured Combat (YAC)
    • Youth and Families Officer (YAFA)

    All applications can be sent via email to:

    • lionsgate.seneschal@tirrigh.org,
    • lionsgate.baron@tirrigh.org,
    • lionsgate.baroness@tirrigh.org


  • New Website

    Our website has gotten a makeover! Please take a look around, hopefully things are easier to find now. We also have a new award recommendation form! The officer portal is still in development; in the meantime all website updates will still need to go through the Webminister.